Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tips To Check Your Vocal Range

I would like to share some useful tips to all the vocalists out there who has just started to sing ROCK or want to sing well without harming their voice.

I'm having a band and when i was a beginner i struggled to cover many classic rock bands but as time passed and my practice was going on I found a change in my voice and i was capable of covering some rock songs which had a tight vocal performance. I cant cover all the bands as my voice is suitable for singing baritone but now it has become quite easy for me to cover songs of Pearl Jam, The Dorrs and The Who.

Apart from Baritone, I have practiced Falsetto and belting technique and i think I can show my best in this technique. Covering Deep Purple needs a good belting technique and a wide vocal range. The best song that I can cover is Child In Time and yes, its the 2nd best rock vocal performance song in history. Other songs of Deep Purple, i still find it hard to cover as they include different styles. So, its not in our hands, all depends on our voice texture which tells us what to sing and the best that we can sing.

Before you sing just remember to take deep breaths and expand your lungs. This will help to increase your air tidal capacity which helps a vocalist to hold their low or high notes for a long period of time.

Whenever you sing, i would give you an advice to sing with your guitar or a piano as it will help you to sing at the perfect note. Without a guitar/ piano you might not be able to hit the right note. Always practice Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. Its the key to your sucess. Even if you practice this you will see a change in your voice within two months. Its a warm up and the best exercise too.

Try to sing your lowest note first and dont go much deeper if it strains your voice, same is with your high notes. Sing the Highest note that you can sing without straining you voice and the lowest note too then sing do re mi fa from your lowest note and check you total vocal range(dont include you false voice). After you are done with it then start with you false notes if you can. If you find that your voice is not capable for doing falsetto then leave it, do it after few months when your voice will become stronger.

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