Thursday, September 10, 2009

TOP 5 ROCK Keyboardists

This content is for all the keyboard players out there. I'm making a list of Greatest rock Keyboard Players who have proved that without a keyboard rock music can't be defined. Bands basically use keyboards as a filler but these keyboardists have dominated their songs with their keyboard solo's rather than the guitar. These keyboardists are basically ranked on their expression, originality, skills and popularity. Keyboard includes Organ, Synthesizer, Mellotron and Piano.

5. Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater- Its really difficult to search songs having keyboard solo's with the real punch of rock and thats why I have ranked Jordan in this list. After listening several keyboard players I found him very impressive and who can actually rock the Audience with his playing. His playing was original and creative and rocking. His solo's were not peppy which is the main problem I have faced while creating this list. Very few bands are there where you get to listen a dominating, rocking keyboard solo and Dream Theater is one of them.

4. Ray Manzarek, (The Doors)- He was the man during the late 60's who came up with his outstanding keyboard solo of "Light My Fire" and made people realize that its not only the guitar, even keyboards are well for solo purpose in the rock genre. His keyboard works are very creative. His solo's sounds peppy but if you want to learn keyboard then you must go through with his solo's. Must try to play his pieces. Some of his greatest works are Light My Fire, Riders On The Storm, Yes The River Knows, The End and Crystal Ship.

3. Rick Wakeman, (Yes)- Well I dont prefer to listen his tracks as I'm not that much interested in keyboards. Their songs dont have the charm of hard rock. Their keyboard solo's basically sounds peppy but I think its only his skills and creativity that he applied on his instrument for which I have ranked him at 3rd position. Well definitely this man deserves to be at the top because of his great expressions in his playing and I dont think there can be another keyboardist like him who can create such kind of masterpieces. Some of his greatest achievements were Close To The Edge, South Side Of The Sky, Roundabout, Siberian Khatru etc.

2. Keith Emerson, (ELP)- For me he is the best keyboard player!!!. If I remove the word rock from my mind then I would definitely rank him as the greatest keyboardist of all time but If I rank him according to the rock genre then I'll have to give him the 2nd place as he doesnt deserve to be the greatest in the rock genre. Though he belonged from the classic rock genre but his songs sounded very modern, like that of the space age. The only reason for which I have ranked Keith on 2nd position is because of his never ending originality. Greatest works- Tarkus, Karn Evil 9, Toccata, Take A Pebble etc.

1. John Lord, (Deep Purple)- The king of rock!!! The most unique rock keyboardist till date. The only rocker whose keyboard playing I can consider rock. His great skills and the sound that he used to create is outstanding and no other band is there who has created songs like Deep Purple. Very original very tough to cover. Players like Emerson, Wakeman, Manzarek had some kind of similarity but Lord is totaly different. He is actually the Lord of Keyboard. From child in time to Lazy, all the songs had different charm and if you are aspiring to become a great keyboard player then must listen Deep Purple. The most versatile, skillful and the most original keyboard player of all time and my Favourite too.


Arunabh said...

Hey man, I totally agree with you. Lord was kickass, and his work on lazy (esp the buildup) and child in time is insane.

I personally never understood why Lord isn't more influential than he is. Most keyboard players look to emerson or something, which is fine, but he doesnt ROCK.


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bearockr said...

Hey Arunabh, Thanks for stopping by here! Glad I found someone who agrees with me on this post ! :)