Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Freddie Mercury- The Greatest Rock Vocalist

The greatest rock vocalist of all time, no special technique used and no formal training done by this man but still he is considered as the greatest rock vocalist and the greatest male voice of this earth till date. Born on 5th September 1946 in Stone Town, Zanzibar and died on 24th november 1991 leaving a worldwide impact. His original name was Farrokh Bulsara. He had done his schooling in St. Peters located at Panchgani Near Mumbai(India) and his first school band was named as "The Hectics" where he played keyboard and vocals. He's Favourite subjects were History and English. After he had done his schooling he then moved to United Kingdom where he formed the band Queen with guitarist Brain May. He changed his name from Farrokh Bulsara to Freddie Mercury in UK to avoid discrimination.

This man is an inspiration for all the vocalists. Without having any legal training how can a man sing like this? Next to impossible but Freddie did it. He was best known for his voice throwing capability and the power that he had in his voice that made every song a superb song. He was one of the greatest live rock artists. Some of his greatest songs where he showed his best vocal abilities are Bohemian Rhapsody, Who Wants To Live Forever, Somebody To love, Under Pressure, Barcelona, Love Of My Life, Dont Stop Me Now, We Are The Champions etc. He had a vocal range of 4.5 octaves. His speaking voice was in the baritone range but most of his songs were of the tenor range.

The best song where Freddie showed his highest vocal ability is Bohemian Rhapsody where he showed an unusual style of singing. Starts with a clear and soft voice and changes to a choir singing with Brian May and Taylor where he shows his voice power and then again ends with a pleasant clear voice which is the most difficult part to sing. This song included too much of dubbing in its recording but its highly notable because of the excellence of Mercury's vocals.
Covering Freddie's songs is not only tough, but next to impossible. Even If you have a wide vocal range and you know too much of techniques, still it wont help you. I have heard many vocalists who can copy voices of legendary rockers but I have heard no one who can sing like Freddie Mercury. The way Freddie used to throw his words while singing, that was one of his greatest style and vocal ability.

One thing more that I would like to share about this legendary rockstar is that whenever he used to perform in a concert his vocals never gave up. In many Concerts of different bands after an hour or so the voice of the vocalist sounds tiring and is not able to manage his voice well but In the concert of Freddie Mercury you could never feel this. The way he starts at the beginning and the way he ends up the concert, after a long duration of performance his voice texture remained the same. You can never feel any tiredness in his voice. Thats what makes him an exceptional vocalist. He is also considered as one of the most influential Asian rockstar.

There's still no one who can challenge the voice of Freddie Mercury, and might never be too!


E.T.'s Gravity said...

and one thing that Freddie got and no other copiers can have is his emotion and heartfelt way of singing his songs. every song he put so much emotion in it that it made me wonder how does he really do it, you can give him any song and he can make you feel like its his song because he embraces it and gives it the quality and dedication no one has ever given.

bearockr said...

Well said ET, I ought to add your comment in this post itself! The way he handles a crowd in a live performance, he doesn't let you rest even for a minute!